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Who cares about Self-Care?

We have all heard or read about ways that we can take better care of ourselves over and over again, but unless you care about yourself, trying a new exercise program, healthy diet, or better sleep routine often falls short. Maybe because these things don't seem like enough to get you through whatever it was that took your motivation and self-esteem away in the first place? How do we get to that place where we no longer care about anything enough to care about ourselves? Whether the cause was a gradual slip down the slope to depression, being overwhelmed with too many other responsibilities, or that something tragic interupted our lives, we are always worthy and deserving of care. We belong here. We are part of a greater beautiful sacred system of life that requires us to understand how our own health is interconnected with all health. See yourself as a priority and create balance in your life. Start with being grateful that you are alive and breath...deeply... and then move that gratitude into focusing on the things that spark joy in the experience of being alive. A smile you choose to give, a song you hear, a silence you seek can all contribute to motivating yourself to care about caring for yourself. Make an intention to care for yourself in a way that makes a difference to you by letting go of expectations and recipes of self-care plans, and instead reflecting deeply on the core basics of what you need to be okay.

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