Start strengthing positive thoughts of self.

Tired of the negative self-dialogue that painfully churns around in your head?

Here is one exercise to realign yourself to the self-respect that you deserve. Ask yourself what’s most important to you. Your core values determine how you answer this question. Your core values provide the foundation to what you stand for. Core values guide your behaviours, decisions, and the actions you take to meet your goals. When you know what you value, you can align yourself with these values. This eliminates self-doubt, creates a louder intuition, and leads to greater fulfillment. When you don’t know your values, you violate them every day. This creates internal tension and incongruity. This tension (better described as an internal tug of war) triggers destructive habits and a negative self-dialogue.

1. Make a list of all the things that are important to you.

2. Beside each point, write down the reasons why these things are important.

3. Once both columns are complete, take a closer look for evidence of your own core values. Your values are important and are part of what makes you unique, beautiful, and strong. Write down the values that stand out.

4.. From this list, notice if there are important things you are neglecting.

5. Pick one of these important things and make one small step toward improving this. This aligns your thoughts and behaviours to the core value attached to this important thing.

6. Consider the initiative you took and acknowledge the courage you have to make positive changes. Practice self-praise and start seeing more of the goodness in you.

7. Repeat steps 4 to 7 tomorrow.